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Senior Consultant and Partner

Handy-Tech, United States

June 2003 - Now (14y 1m)

Experience and achievements at this company:

Providing office computer system consulting services including: office optimization;
local area network and Wi-Fi installation and configuration; security vulnerability evaluation and protection; installation of video teleconferencing hardware and software; customer tailored computer hardware and software installation and configuration; and computer tutorial services. Providing web site development for client companies and political campaigns.

- Created company web site at and other marketing materials.

Lead Launch Package Engineer

United Space Alliance, United States

March 1999 - June 2003 (4y 2m)

Experience and achievements at this company:

Ensured that the space station U.S. Laboratory module and European Space Agency Columbus module flight hardware, software and associated certification and integration documentation were completed prior to the successful launch and activation. Represent NASA Launch Package Manager at critical program reviews. Incorporate requirements from both space shuttle launch vehicle and space station into required operations documentation.

- Provided real-time operations support as space station increment management controller during the successful 3A, 4A, 5A and UF-1 space station assembly missions in the Mission Control Center.

- Coordinated the successful centerline camera system's expedited development to ensure proper pressurized module berthing during critical space station assembly operations.

Operations Engineer

Final Analysis, United States

September 1996 - January 1997 (0y 3m)

Experience and achievements at this company:

Developed the operations procedures and ground controller interface requirements for a constellation of commercial small satellites. Satellites will provide data telemetry for remote utility, industrial and environmental monitoring hand-held terminals.

- Configured five Silicon Graphics Indigo 2 workstations to perform various satellite control and analysis functions.

- Coordinated the efforts of hardware and software subcontractors to meet a demanding development schedule.

- Provided operations engineering support for satellite integration and testing at FAI`s test facilities at Utah State University's Space Dynamics Laboratory Research Center.

Software Systems Engineer

Muniz Engineering, United States

February 1996 - September 1996 (0y 6m)

Experience and achievements at this company:

Lead the concurrency engineering integrated product team for the Hughes Training client for the International Space Station astronaut training facility project. Developed and implemented a program for maintaining engineering design and operational data concurrency between the training facility developers and the space station program.

- Established technical and programmatic relationships with Boeing space station program office, subcontractors and the international partner representatives.

- Negotiated flight software and data customer expectation agreements with Boeing and NASA representatives to ensure timely delivery of products to support an extremely tight schedule.

- Lead a top-level management process re-engineering effort to gain agreement across all corporate disciplines and with the NASA customer.

Project Engineer and Vice President

General Space, United States

January 1994 - February 1996 (2y 0m)

Experience and achievements at this company:

Managed a multi-disciplinary team of diverse technical and business consultants in an American/Russian commercial space services international joint venture.

- Established and managed both the corporate headquarters office and a Moscow field office, as well as the communication links between the two offices.

- Created software products designed to support marketing efforts, including an Internet website storefront and several large databases.

- Produced design and operations requirements levied on Russian subcontractors RKK-Energia and NPO Mashinostrainia.

- Produced several fixed-price proposals for commercial and government contracts.

Senior Engineer

Booz, Allen & Hamilton, United States

August 1990 - December 1993 (3y 3m)

Experience and achievements at this company:

Managed the space station electrical power and thermal control systems verification teams. Negotiated complex verification working agreements between the NASA client, contractors and the international partner space agencies. Defined, allocated and assessed system verification performance requirements.

- Established technical and programmatic relationships with NASA center project offices, contractors and the international partner representatives.

- Created the program standard outline for the system verification plans.

- During the program design reviews assessed and analyzed program interface control documents for program policy and integration requirements compliance.

- Created and managed a database used to track and resolve systems verification problems.

- Ensured adequate pre-flight ground testing and simulation of mission and crew safety hardware. Safeguarded on-orbit astronaut and robot operations by developing assembly and maintenance task verification requirements.

- Provided systems software integration and data management support for the Space Station Control Center software development project. This included object oriented software systems design using the Teamwork Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tool.

- Member of the Booz, Allen & Hamilton`s proposal team that competed to provide program office engineering support to the Lunar/Mars Exploration Program Office.

Systems Integration Engineer and Design Engineer

Rockwell International, United States

July 1988 - September 1990 (2y 1m)

Experience and achievements at this company:

Developed and managed four mechanical and electrical/data interface control documents (ICDs) for the space station electrical power system. Designed several structural components for the space station electrical power and thermal control systems.

- Negotiated complex technical and programmatic interface working agreements between Rocketdyne and McDonnell Douglas and Lockheed Martin.

- Designed innovative crew interface solutions for key space station structural, electrical power and thermal control system components.

Mechanical Design Engineer

TRW Electronics and Defense, United States

November 1987 - June 1988 (0y 6m)

Experience and achievements at this company:

Designed structural components for spacecraft projects including: classified DoD satellite's experimental composite solar array, MILSTAR and TDRS antenna structures and Gamma Ray Observatory and DSP-1 propulsion subsystems. Held secret DoD security clearance.

Mechanical Design Engineer

Lockheed Aeronautical Systems Company, United States

August 1985 - November 1987 (2y 2m)

Experience and achievements at this company:

Developed P-3 and C-130 aircraft custom electronic crew workstations for critical long duration military surveillance missions. Including avionics component integration into standard MIL-Spec. consoles and equipment racks. Developed new wiring and connector interface designs to interface with existing aircraft structure and systems.

California State Polytechnic University Pomona, United States

September 1980 - August 1985 (4y 10m)

Professional Memberships

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Mark Reiff

Mark Reiff

League City, Texas