Simplify your recruiting communication

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you and your client could just see the same shortlist of candidates, access detailed profiles and add your comments all in one place, streamlining communication and saving time? With Jobster Recruiter Plus you can!

All Your Candidates. All In One Place

No more emailing resumes!

Anyone who has looked for candidates for an opportunity will know what a pain it is to find the email with the resume they need that was sent to them by the recruiter a week ago. They can’t remember what day they got the email and have forgotten the candidate’s name, so end up trawling through their inbox and clicking on a few wrong messages before finding the right one.

Then, a couple of weeks later, when they’ve finished all your interviews, they have to gather their thoughts on all the candidates and try to remember which ones they liked the best.

Wouldn’t it be easier if you were able to send them a link to view the shortlist you’ve put together, with all the candidates’ profiles in one place? Jobster Recruiter Plus also contains all the intuitive applicant tracking functionality in Jobster Recruiter, but adds collaborative ‘resume books’, allowing you to share and collaborate on your shortlist with your client or hiring manager

Both you and the client or hiring manager can:

  • Change the rankings to show order of preference
  • Add notes to the shortlist to share thoughts and feedback
  • Get instant feedback.
  • Remove unsuitable candidates.
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Seamless Communication With Your Clients

With Candid8s, all that is possible, making your shortlists attractive and collaborative, and significantly reducing the time you need to spend finding the right resumes and sending emails to clients.

Rather than having to schedule a call to discuss feedback from interviews, clients and hiring managers can add their own notes to a shortlist and you’re notified that it’s been updated. They can also change the order in which the candidates are displayed to show their own preferences.

Collaborating on a shortlist has never been so easy!

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Seamless Communication With Your Clients