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What are the three best things about working at The Home Depot?

The people I work with, management's treatment of the associates, and being part of a company that values the ideal of genuinely caring for it's customers.

Posted @ 01:48AM, April 01, 2013 by shantellevye | This user has not been verified

Michael Hazelton

What's the secret to getting hired at The Home Depot?

The secret is to not be afraid of Customer service. If you love customer service and helping people this is the ideal job. The company prefers to promote from within so if you work hard and can prove that you deserve it the possibilities are endless

Posted @ 05:50AM, November 27, 2009 by Michael Hazelton

monica blum

What's the secret to getting hired at The Home Depot?

I was persistant with this job also but management was busy most of the time to give adequate training for our department. The key for this job I feel was to be a self motivator. Ask to take additional classes to learn new products and give excelent customer service.

Posted @ 11:22PM, September 19, 2009 by monica blum

Calen Rude

What's the secret to getting hired at The Home Depot?

The secret to getting hired at The Home Depot is exhibiting strong relationship building and communication skills. These traits coupled with a strong memory and an intense desire to lead and learn make everyday an experience. Although experience in home improvement and construction methods is a plus, there is an extensive in-house training program to get anyone qualified to reccomend the right product or offer advice.

Math is a plus too, because there are several measurement techinques that are used in everything from square footage to volume to voltage.

Flexibility is another great virtue anyone desiring to be considered should possess. Both in time and ability, there have been numerous times I have been called in or called upon by members of the management team that are confident in my abilities.

Although there are many routine problems faced at The Home Depot everyday, I have found that one learns the most qualitative knowledge from the minority of them that present unique and complex situations. Patience is definately a virtue, but overwhelming brightness and genuine courtesy in the face of adversity are even better.

And if you REALLY want to succeed at The Home Depot, be an ultimate self-starter. By recognizing problems and solving them early to meet S.O.P., management will have no choice but to recognize the value you bring to their operations. (Doesn't everyone want to work with the guy that makes their job easier?)

Finally, as with any person that really wants to achieve more in their lifetime, a unquenchable thirst for self-improvement must dominate. Making everyday better than the last is the key to success--and in my opinion, life!
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Posted @ 03:18PM, April 13, 2009 by Calen Rude

colleen johnson

How would you describe what you did at The Home Depot?

learned how to handle money in the vault, deal with customers, one on one

Posted @ 11:00AM, April 13, 2009 by colleen johnson

colleen johnson

What's the secret to getting hired at The Home Depot?

having the experience they need

Posted @ 10:59AM, April 13, 2009 by colleen johnson

Ana Herazo

What are the most challenging aspects of your job at The Home Depot?

Being able to plan and design kitchens and baths and seeing the customer's complete satisfaction.

Posted @ 03:57PM, February 14, 2009 by Ana Herazo

Ana Herazo

How would you describe what you did at The Home Depot?

I planned and designed kitchen and bath projects from start to completion using the 20/20 computerized design software.
Created proposals and presented designs to clients for final approval. Maintained accurate records of projects and sales.
Developed and maintained appropiate client base
through effective marketing
Planned and followed up with referrals and potential prospects
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Posted @ 03:55PM, February 14, 2009 by Ana Herazo

Ana Herazo

What's the secret to getting hired at The Home Depot?

At The Home Depot, customer service is the number one key to be successful.
There is always on going employee training. One learns a lot about the home improvement business.

Posted @ 03:50PM, February 14, 2009 by Ana Herazo

Jamel Robinson

What's the secret to getting hired at The Home Depot?

You have to be a real TEAM PLAYER. You have to be hard working and be dedicated. It doesn't take much to get hired just be yourself and be honest. If hard work, being a team player, being dedicated, and helping customers is too hard, then you need not apply.

Posted @ 09:02AM, October 07, 2008 by Jamel Robinson

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