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Thomas Nims

How would you describe what you did at Kraft Foods?

Led the Kmart National Customer Team for Kraft/Nabisco.

Posted @ 08:00AM, September 10, 2007 by Thomas Nims

John Hardy

How would you describe what you did at Kraft Foods?

?? Coordinates the G/L accounting, financial reporting forecasting and budgeting processes.
?? Assist with monthly financial close process including all balance sheet reconciliation.
?? Assist with yearly budgeting process of all business units.
?? Responsible for monthly inventory of
equipment and implement, maintain and monitor collection procedures for the center.
?? Responsible for financial analysis, profitability analysis, and any financial special projects.
?? Generate and validate all weekly and monthly financial reporting, which includes reconciling reports and responsible rebate and pricing program.
?? Implement accounting changes and quantify impact to business results. Perform sensitivity analyses to support decision-making.
?? Responsible for annual and semi-annual budget process and SOX audit processes and improvements.
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Posted @ 07:01PM, June 12, 2007 by John Hardy

Barbara Conover

What's the secret to getting hired at Kraft Foods?

It really helps if you know the right people, but to start with, go through the IL Employment Services - Job Skills.
The hardest part will be keeping the job once you get it. Nothing and no one will save you, especially, integrity.

Posted @ 07:37PM, June 05, 2007 by Barbara Conover

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